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Everything on this website already resides in someone’s’ home (aside from the Special Collection pieces).   I will make a new version fresh for you.

Click on the shape you're interested in and begin the conversation....

Platter or Bowl
from 30.00

"I would like to order a piece", you say.

I will most likely make the piece(s) fresh for you.

from 30.00

Attn: California  customers,  this system overcharges for shipping and neglects to charge sales tax, so most likely you are getting a refund after your initial purchase.

Butter Bell
from 54.00
from 54.00
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What you will get if you click the purchase button

is the beginning of the conversation, a down payment 

Spoon Rest
from 25.00
Vase & Caraf
from 80.00

If you have a certain date or goal, please tell me

and I will do everything I can to make that goal or reasonably inform you if I can’t.  And if we can’t come to an agreement before the piece is made, I will return your entire down payment.  I want Satisfied Customers.  Look here are some:

“ The workmanship is even more impressive than I imagined, from the throwing to the "woodcut" work to the handle size, shape, and attachment... I feel like I'm holding the story of the whole process in my hands.  Thank you again for such a well-executed piece of uniquely creative artistry!” - Mary C

“I received the carafe today and absolutely love it!  I'm enjoying my first cup of tea from it now. This is really going to brighten my days in the office-- thank you again!” - Chad T

“I risk the life of my octopus mug by taking it to get coffee drinks to go in. EVERY time I take it out people want to know where to get them. I tell them. Thanks for bringing some creative joy into our lives. “ - Jen N

“Just wanted to let you know that I love the bunny butter bell!!  It's beautiful and so much more functional than my old one.  You did a great job with the design.  Thank you again for making this special request.  Hope all is going well for you and look forward to seeing you at another show.” -Laura Z

“ I just received my Crow mug. Thank you!!!!!!! It is more beautiful than I could have imagined. It is a gift for my sister-in-law who owns & operates "Part Crow Jewellry" in London, Ontario Canada. She is going to adore it and is , of course, a huge supporter of independent artists so it's a total win/win! Thank you again!” - Rae Z (Toronto, ON Canada)

“Just got the mugs and plate in the mail today and they are absolutely stunning!!!  My girlfriend will love the melon-headed whale plate and mug.  Your work is truly unique and I thank you once again for takin on the challenge of incorporating a poorly known animal into your art.
I love my anglerfish mug too...especially love the little male
attached to the bottom of the female!
Thanks again for everything!!!” -
Todd P

“Her booth always looks great and raises the bar on quality. Her prices are wide in range, so most everyone who wants to can take a piece home. Besides, her stuff is just plain FUN!!" -Victoria W

“Extremely high quality, artful, sturdy pottery, and nice people, too”-Sharon P