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This will be made specially for you.  I make my platters (oblong in shape) on a hump mold (draping a slab of clay over a plaster form). They are anywhere from 8”-17” wide. I try to put holes in the feet (like the sushi dishes), so that you can run wire (or strong thread) through the foot and hang it on the wall.

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What I mean by "extensions" are the tentacles or branches or necks that I like attach to the piece to make them more 3D.

The price is an estimate as close as I can to the real amount, but, depending on your design, there will be variations.  Consider this a down payment and I will email you shortly about what the final price, shipping, sales tax, and expected completion date should be.  This is non-binding until I I send an invoice and you pay for the remainder.  You may choose the "Need-to-Peek" fee which would allow you to back out at the last moment after I email you a photograph of the completed item.  Otherwise, once we have come to terms, I am making your custom piece for you ASAP!

Please feel free to email me at any time with questions:

Dishwasher, microwave & oven safe.

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