Frequently Asked Questions

I have regularly scheduled online & in-person events that you can see on the Calendar page (link). I can also do custom requests (link to custom order page).. Or you can buy directly from my feed! When I unload the kiln, I post it on Instagram/facebook (@rhoneypots). If you see something you like, contact me via those services or email. If the piece is not already a commission, I may happily sell it to you. Saves me packing it up and hauling it to a show! Please email me if you have any questions: RHoneyPots@gmail.com.

If you have a specific deadline, please tell me and I will try to make it. It generally takes me about 6 weeks to fill and fire the kiln, unless I happen to have your item on hand. I generally start packing online orders as soon as they come in and ship them out priority or UPS within days. You will receive an email with tracking information

Buy someone a gift of pottery and let them choose how to redeem it! They can enter the certificate code when checking out their gift

My pots are high-fired porcelain-stoneware (cone 5 or 2118 degrees) and are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. You can bake in them & then clean them in the dishwasher. They are strong! They are even frost hardy and thus can be used outside. As you would treat glass dishware, avoid shocking them by, for example, adding boiling water to a pot that has been refrigerated as it will likely crack. All my glazes are nontoxic. Being ceramic, they may develop cracks at some point, but they can still be used until they start leaking.

We ship insured Priority Mail or UPS Ground, domestic and internationally. The pot you purchase will be enshrouded in an artistically collected and formed recycled shield made of egg cartons, Styrofoam and other (clean) debris collected from our friends, family, and freecycle/craigslist re-users..

I don’t do them.

1. I invest a lot of time and thought into making a quality product. If you haven’t purchased it in person, where you have the opportunity to examine it thoroughly before purchase, then I will provide several images from
different angles for you to study. Each piece is unique, so there is no 1:1 exchange.

2. Pottery breaks. After it leaves my hands, I don’t know what knocks or beatings your pot may have taken. Inspect your piece carefully when it arrives. A hairline crack can creep into something larger over time. If a crack occurred during shipping, contact me immediately and I will initiate the insurance process and replace it. That said, I will put my cracked mugs in the dishwasher and use them daily.

If, gasp, something breaks on its way to you, photograph it INSIDE the box. Take as many pictures as you can capturing damage to the box, packing materials, and the broken item. Email these to me and I will pursue the insurance claim and send you a replacement.

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