Who We R

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life and elevating them by art.”

— William Morris

We are a team, formalized in 1999.  Over the years we have developed skills and perspectives that compliment and challenge each other.  Our first venture was to serve in Peace Corps, Paraguay (Beekeeping & Ag) then teaching English in Chile.   After exploring South America, we returned to Sonoma County and began the beekeeping component of R Honey Pots, which has grown to include mentoring, swarm capture, and humane extraction services.  Following a stint in the computer programming field, Liz veered course by adding  a teaching degree to her Applied Math and Creative Writing degrees, and began teaching high school math.  She was later diagnosed with M.S. and chose to lead a less stressful life, leaving teaching to become a self-employed potter and business entrepreneur full-time.  What began as a side-gig selling pottery at weekend farmers markets,  has evolved into a thriving business selling pottery in- person and online, shipping to customers on five continents.  Joey, meanwhile, put his English degree to work by joining the construction field after they bought their home in 2004.  He has since become proficient in all aspects of home building and remodeling, from foundation to finish.  Merging our skills and talents, and constantly learning new ones, we completely rebuilt and remodeled our forest “fixer upper”, to become the museum and monument of our commitment and artistic vision that it is now.   We have a modest business plan of simple sustainability, and spreading as much joy and curiosity as we can.

“Even the humblest of objects, if perfectly crafted, contributes to the growth of the world’s beauty”

— Gustav Klimt

Joey: Welds tables & tile frames, lays tile, sets up booth and display, packs pots & performs the construction side of extracting beehives from buildings where they’re not wanted, loves Liz.