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"I would like to order a piece," you say (Commission)

 I will most likely make your order fresh for you.  I put these pictures here because it gives me joy to make these designs which hopefully will transfer to you.  What I send to you will not look exactly like the picture.  Each one is hand-formed and painted.  For example, I paint thousands of octopuses, but each one has a different tangle of limbs or different papillae.  Generally, I can make pots to any dimension you choose.  If you have a different form in mind than any you see pictured, please ask me and I may enjoy the inspiration.  I am always looking for new shapes to make.  The more information you can give me about what makes that shape special, why you like it, what it’s used for… the better.  I can get stuck in a rut just like anyone else.  But I’d rather not.  Which is not to say that there is no beauty to be found in repetition.  I would not be pushing the million mug marker if I didn’t enjoy making them.  There is a satisfaction in creating a mountain, in mastering a form, getting the groove of it (“groove”, “rut”, it’s all a matter of perspective).  Please email me if you have any questions:



I don’t do them.  1) I invest a lot of time and thought into satisfying your needs.  In order to ensure that there will  be no flaws, cracks or physical defects, I make several versions of your selection and send you the best.   The piece will be unique, made to order.  I will send photos of the pot if you pay the Need-to-See Fee before packing and you can OK the purchase.  Otherwise, you have commissioned me to make a piece and yes, we see the world differently, and I hope that you can appreciate my view (even if it is different from the image in your head). 

2) Pottery breaks.  After it leaves my hands, I don't know what knocks or beatings your pot may have taken.  Inspect your piece carefully when it arrives.  A hairline crack can creep into something larger over time.  I sill put my cracked mugs in the dishwasher and use them daily.

What you will get if you click the purchase button (Paying)

is the beginning of the conversation.  Putting your money on the table shows that you are serious and not just wasting my time.   Hang out on my website all you like, peruse my facebook and instagram feeds, make comments.  While I spend most of my time alone in my studio, I am constantly, like we all are, tapping into that virtual society accessed through our phones.  I am very open to suggestions.   What you are paying is down payment, it is not yet binding.  You will describe as precisely as you can, what you would like, send me photos and measurements if you like... and I will come back to you with a time estimate and invoice for the remainder due (if any).  The price will vary based on the complexity of design or color or whether you want them to nest or be random sizes.  I rarely have exactly what you need on hand, aside from the case of mugs which I am constantly creating and even so, seem to always be out of the one design someone orders.  I may be in the middle of a cycle and easily add your request into the mix.  Most likely, I will make it from scratch and you will have to wait for the clay to dry enough so I can trim it, then paint it, then make enough pieces to fill a kiln to keep yours company, then clean the dust off, glaze it, fire it, photograph it, then pack, then ship it.  There are a lot of factors that affect the time it takes.


All my glazes are nontoxic.  They are high-fired porcelain-stoneware (cone 5 or 2118o) and are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.  They are also frost hardy and thus can be used outside.  They are ceramic, so at some point they will probably break, but don't let that be a reason not to use them.  You have an expiration date too.

If you have a certain date or goal, please tell me (Timeline)

and I will do everything I can to make that goal or reasonably inform you if I can’t.  And if we can’t come to an agreement before the piece is made, I will return your entire down payment.  I  want satisfied customers.  


The pot you purchase will be enshrouded in an artistically collected and formed recycled shield and shipped insured Priority Mail.  Our friends, family and local radio stations collect their packaging, egg cartons, Styrofoam and other (clean) debris and we put it to another use keeping your pot from being smashed on its way to you.  If you can reuse that packaging even further, breaking it down just a little bit more before it ends up in the ocean… good on you.   Don’t be surprised if your package does not look like it shipped from Amazon (though it may be using Amazon materials).


If, gasp, something breaks on its way to you, photograph it INSIDE the box.  Take as many pictures as you can capturing damage to the box, packing materials, and the broken item.  Email these to me and I will pursue the insurance claim and send you a replacement.